She is from Michigan, and spent four years Maureen (Mo) Gorman was raised in Albuquerque but spent the last 9 years in Rochester, New York. Ariana grew up in Santa Fe and danced with Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Charisma, Cathy Roe, and Wendy has been working as a teacher for NDI New Mexico for over 15 years at The Hiland, The Dance Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Shaw Bowman* $$ish Back in Minnesota, Thornburg sold the farm. Diane Doniger There were a few fantasies you had to not buy into. Jeff Bingaman, Chris Dodd and for Rep. Barney Frank, among others. Theres a point, here. Dangote Refinery has been under construction since 2016 and is expected to be one of the worlds largest oil refineries once complete. (The ranch was originally assessed at $33.3 million, but Epsteins lawyers sued the county in 2001 and successfully shaved $84,000 a year from his property tax bill.) The governor said Thornburg was a good friend of his, that Thornburg was a good civic leader, that the financial businesses that Thornburg had created in Santa Fe created high-paid jobs. Abdulsamad Rabiu is the founder of BUA Group, a Nigerian conglomerate active in cement production, sugar refining and real estate. He Kate Moss grew up in St. Louis, MO prior to heading East to attend Vassar College. Cevital owns one of the largest sugar refineries in the world, with the capacity to produce 2 million tons a year. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. FinanceCom is part of a project to develop a multibillion-dollar tech city in Tangiers that is expected to host 200 Chinese companies. "There's nothing we could've done except jawboned if we thought it was a bad idea." The wealthy have felt the contraction, too: Yesterdays billionaires are todayshundred millionaires. In the meeting, Goldstone allegedly admitted the source of the company's day-to-day operational funding had "dried up." Mail letters to PO Box 4910 Santa Fe, NM 87502 or email them to editor[at] Required fields are marked *. $$$ 2023 Forbes Africa. In 2007, New Mexico Sen. Shannon Robinson and Rep. Daniel Silvaboth Albuquerque Democrats who lost re-election in 2008introduced bills that created a tax break for finance companies. The 80-year-old former real estate developer and owner of Santa Fes Pinon Farm was buddies with former Pres. The doors throughout the dwelling are equipped with hardware as hefty and as elaborately detailed as that on medieval town gates. NDI is recognized for "Teaching Children Excellence," and has introduced thousands of New Mexico . We are all one community, Blair says. Diane Doniger Her direct responsibilities include serving as the primary external Jesse Martinez was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM and joined the NDI-NM family in 1999 through the In-School program. Jeffrey E Epstein Jeffrey Branch His brother Nassef is also a billionaire. The supposed public benefit of the Thornburg campus? Richardson appointed Frank, a former PricewaterhouseCoopers senior partner who lives in Tesuque, to the State Investment Council this year. EIN number 85-0431846. Akhannouch was appointed prime minister of Morocco in September 2021. He NDI New Mexico is an excellent example of an organization that holds itself to a high level of excellence. "That's how these credit bubbles work. Help keep local journalism fighting for you. I have never worked for a finer man or a finer company, David Miller, spokesman for Thornburg Investment Management, which remains in business, says. He is chairman of Orascom TMT Investments, which has stakes in an asset manager in Egypt and Italian internet company Italiaonline, among others. The [Albuquerque] Journal asked a few questions. Experience: With 37 years of accounting and consulting experience (30 in the employee benefits field), Carol has significant expertise in compensation planning, leadership development and succession planning, employee benefits, and retirement plans. Issad Rebrab is the founder and CEO of Cevital, Algerias biggest privately-held company. He and his son retained a 96% stake in the company. To market those funds, he founded Thornburg Securities. Mayo Miller King. $$ And how did it come to this? Cohan explains how Thornburg Mortgage funded its operations "most often by obtaining short-term, often overnight, borrowings" backed by the mortgages it held. Supposedly, it would attract new businesses. Mohammed Dewji is the CEO of MeTL, a Tanzanian conglomerate founded by his father in the 1970s. EEE It has interests in petroleum, gas and chemicals through publicly-traded Afriquia Gaz and Maghreb Oxygene. In 2001 he purchased the Palomino Club, a popular strip joint in northern Las Vegas, Nev. Jumping into the No. However, The Guardian notes that Hepburn had been sick for some time and was suffering from Parkinson's disease prior to her death. Subprime itself has become a euphemism for "toxic." Affecting their life outcomes will change the picture of New Mexicos future and is the key to a thriving economy. James Ortiz* The author has had good luck with Hollywood adaptations and Oprah recommendations; his $1.1 million home is off Bishops Lodge Road. Maybe as smart as Yale economist Robert Schiller, who predicted such a crash in 2005. Jamai Blivin $$ish EEE In 1996, Crosswinds pegged Peters for a $25 million man; intervening years saw a real estate boom followed by an ongoing bust. In 2007, Casey became a managing partner at AIG Global Real Estate, a subsidiary of the finance and insurance giant. EEE At the local level, they fund arts and civic organizationslike the Lensic Performing Arts Center and SITE Santa Fethat make Santa Fe a better place to live, and an arts and culture scene with cachet around the world. He is a retired telecommunications executive, having spent most of his career with AT&T and shorter Julie lives in Albuquerque, where she grew up and manages 3 family investment and real estate companies. Sarofims daughter Allison reportedly played a centaur in the first Chronicles of Narnia film. She served as Chair, Trustee and Governor of The Childrens Miracle Hospitals Board (Salt Lake City, Utah) which is a Foundation that raises Diane Fisher served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Presbyterian Healthcare Services. There were two parts to it. Ocean Munds-Dry Letters (no more than 200 words) should refer to specic articles in the Reporter. In March, President Barack Obama singled out AIG for scorn regarding large bonus pay, saying, This is a corporation that finds itself in financial distress due to recklessness and greed. Caseys wife Marian, who serves on SITEs board of directors, donated $750 to Obamas campaign last year. I also think he was establishing his company here; to pull up and leave after that would have been very difficult," she says. $ Thornburg Mortgage was founded in 1993 with tax advantages in mind. Out of Harvard, Thornburg didn't follow his peers to Wall Street. The company managed mutual funds (and still does $34 billion worth, as of Dec. 31, 2008). Washington Post financial columnist James K Glassman began a column with a friend's advice to "Find Garrett ThornburgThis guy has the best financial mind in America." Leslie Nathanson Juris Jess Sanchez, Co-Chair* As of 2021, he has an estimated net worth of $50million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Catherine Oppenheimer of Santa Fe is recognized as a major contributor to the arts for her work supporting strong arts education programs in New Mexico. Back in 1985, he sued a local contractor over the 14,000-square-foot indoor horse-riding arena hed built on his property; the contractors estimate was $321,000, but it ended up costing twice as much. Thornburg took hat in hand. Through his eponymous investment and mortgage companies, Thornburg became one of Santa Fes richest people. Deborah Fritz* Thornburg bought in bulk home loans made by other companies to the most creditworthy borrowers, and sold those loans as securities. As a group, the continents 18 billionaires are worth an estimated $84.9 billion a 15% increase from 12 months ago and the largest tally since at least 2015. MacArthur, 76, founded and still heads Dynamac, a government contractor with lucrative deals, including a $120 million support contract at NASAs Kennedy Space Center. Unlike many fellow magnates, Thornburg has felt the economy's harsher side. This disgraced billionaire (allegations of pedophilia) lives in New York City and Florida, but still owns the most valuable residential property in Santa Fe, as figured by the Santa Fe County assessor: the $18 million Zorro Ranch, which shares a name with his company, Zorro Trust. In 1997, he bought low-producing gold mine shafts and later turned them profitable. Albin also owns a 2006 Cessna Citation business jet. She was mentored by Elliot joined NDI New Mexico in 2015 as a Musician in the In-School Program. He and his wife Tsitsi founded the Higherlife Foundation, which supports orphaned and poor children in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Burundi and Lesotho. He retired in 2006 from Education Management Corporation, the company that owns the Art Institute franchise of schools. Strive Masiyiwa, a citizen of Zimbabwe and a London resident, appears on the list due to his telecom holdings in Africa. To market those funds, he founded Thornburg Securities. Does the city have recourse? (When they divorced six years later, Juliana got a $600,000 settlement, the Lexus, a fur coat and the shar-pei.) Biggs also was a director of aerospace giants Boeing and McDonnell-Douglas and, in the years preceding the Great Recession, of JPMorgan Chase bank. This First State Bancorp director also has a successful eponymous gallery. Despite the fact that her net worth is public, she has not disclosed her salary or income in the media. He denies any wrongdoing. Thornburg wanted the city to help finance his new campus with a $45 million industrial revenue bond, similar to the deals he had arranged in New York. An REIT, unlike a regular company, is exempt from corporate income taxes. According to TCM, Katharine Hepburn died on June 29, 2003 at the age of 96. Charities honored him as a "treasured citizen." $$ish Benjamin Thomas* John Berndt 1, we had 1 or 2 percent short-term interest rates. That was always the mantra from day one until the day I left," Chicaferro says. His mobile phone network, Globacom, is the third largest operator in Nigeria, with 55 million subscribers. Now a director at Huntsman chemicals corporation, Reaud is known throughout the legal community as a champion of working men and womenat least according to his bio by the Beaumont Foundation, for which he serves as a board member. The site described it as 12,000 square feet of luxury designed with Anasazi and Pueblo influences, featuring floors of imported tile, stone, and cherry wood[and] fine details such as custom iron and glass work, hand crafted, hand adzed custom built doors, fine millwork, and nine uniquely designed fireplaces. The asking price is $8.2 million. "They don't want us to spend our time fighting with a mortgage company that's already failing over whether it's producing enough jobs," Dwyer says. Leslie Carpenter* He wasn't alone. She has a BA in special education an a BS and MS in nursing and has worked in both professions over a span of 40 years. Peggy Hubbard She and her husband are founding co-chairs of the Smithsonians National Museum of the American Indian in New York City. Joelle Mevi Gilbert is 86. $$$ Life was good. Mail letters to PO Box 4910 Santa Fe, NM 87502 or email them to editor[at] An active Democrat, Reaud gave $25,000 to Richardsons 2002 gubernatorial campaign. He oversees the consumer goods division, which includes supermarket chain Metro, and sole distribution rights for LOreal in Egypt. She never remarried. Our list tracks the wealth of African billionaires who reside in Africa or have their primary business there, thus excluding Sudanese-born billionaire Mo Ibrahim, who is a U.K. citizen, and billionaire London resident Mohamed Al-Fayed, an Egyptian citizen. Paul Cassidy, Chair Beginning in 2007, Thornburg Sheep Co. began selling off hundreds of acres for approximately $2 million. Aug. 19 estate of the day on Leslie Nathanson Juris Thornburgs finances are Santa Fes problem. Katz's predecessor, Dwyer, says the public doesn't care. TEX Vicki Ellis, a very successful beauty pageant coach, is portrayed in the program by Catherine Zeta-Jones. Garrett Thornburg was born in January, 1946. She graduated from Vassar with a BA in psychology and moved to Washington, DC to begin her career on Capitol Hill. Gov. "Everybody's happy and, all of a sudden, here's Thornburg," Patrick Collins says. $ish The tax-avoidance strategy, foreshadowed by Thornburg's New York bond deals, was transplanted to New Mexico. million, Sanbusco is the 15th most valuable commercial property in Santa Fe, behind La Fonda. Over the years, his company, The Opppeneim Group, has closed more than $1 billion in sales over the years and has over $100 million in active listings. $$ish NDI-NM is a statewide arts education organization in New Mexico that has introduced thousands of New Mexicos children A resident of New York City, Mrs. Diker is a dancer, mother, philanthropist, author and a graduate of Smith College. Joe Farr* Crosswinds put the real estate tycoons net worth at $200 million in 1996. This limits reinvestment in the companyat least without borrowing. "They still own some land back here, but not much." Politicians paid respect to a man whose business they may not have understood, except to the extent that it was successful. SFCC is supposed to get $15,000 a year for the next decade starting later this year, spokeswoman Janet Wise says. She started her working life with what was then Albuquerque National Bank and left to work with her father at Rust Tractor Co. until the dealership sold in 2002. Catherine Oppenheimer co-founded the National Dance Institute of New Mexico in 1994 (NDI-NM) and the New Mexico School for the Arts (NMSA) in 2010. The former RJR Nabisco board chairman and his wife have a $1.5 million home here. It was divisive. His other assets include stakes in mobile phone networks in Burundi and Lesotho, and investments in fintech and power distribution firms in Africa. Katie Thompson $$ $$ $$ Klein serves on SITEs board. If theres anything people lie about as often as sex, its money. Sarofim, who has a farm in Tesuque, has funded exhibitions at SITE and made the ARTnews top collectors list. NDI New Mexico programs positively impact childrens academic achievement, health, quality of life, and self-efficacy through consistent messaging, skill-building, and providing positive role models. His mansion on Tano Norte is worth $1.6 million. $$ish He owns 7% of diversified investment firm Remgro, which he chairs, as well as 25% of Reinet, an investment holding company based in Luxembourg. Letters will be edited for space and clarity. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time." Nancy Blaugrund* According to the Robb Report, the definitive authority on connoisseurship for ultra-affluent consumers, it features a baronial reception hall [with] a 15-foot-high ceiling and numerous nichos (niches) that showcase Wilsons collections of Indian pottery, weavings, and beading. What Thornburg needs now, Chicaferro says, is time. Instead of just buying loans, the company would make them, too. Thornburg often said that 97 percent of his business was out of state. For 85 years until 2012, the Oppenheimer family occupied a controlling spot in the worlds diamond trade. William A Miller "There's a lot of geniuses out there, right? In the 1980s, Albin worked in the oil and gas division of monster investment bank Goldman Sachs. The suit also faults executives' pay plan. In 2007, Santa Fe City Council minutes record Stertzers donation of mobile trailers to the city police department. Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States. But Garrett Thornburg will be OK. In 2014, Oppenheimer started Fireblade Aviation in Johannesburg, which operates chartered flights. He owns just over 50% of the publicly-traded Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, which is one part of his larger Econet Group. Subsequent to the economic crash, AIG has received a total of $182.5 billion in federal aid, according to the Government Accountability Office. Alt-A falls somewhere between prime and subprime. However, according to Thornburg's possibly lowballed estimate, the state, the county and the schools are out $368,000 a year. His Thornburg Charitable Foundation has assets of $23 million (and pays $100,000 a year to Executive Director Suzanne Barker Kalangis, wife of Thornburg Mortgage Director Ike Kalangis). According to a June 2009 article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Stertzer named Luis Hidalgo Jr., a friend, to manage the clubHidalgo Jr. drove a Pantera auto and frequently carried a handgun and wads of cash. Hidalgo Jr. and his son, Luis Hidalgo III, were sentenced to life in prison this year for the 2005 murder of a doorman. He rebounded with a position at what is now the Empire State Development Corporation. (It helps to have favorable tax laws. Adenuga, Nigerias second richest man, built his fortune in telecom and oil production. Learn more about the impact of NDI New Mexico. Paul Peppard Alexis Girard He was pumping out good cash dividends to the owners of Thornburg Mortgage, Inc. Originally from Southern California, but happily relocated to Santa Fe from Dallas, Mary was a Jody DeCoursin-Good joined NDI New Mexico as the Director of Human Resources. Catherine also answers to C Oppenheimer, Cathy J Oppenheimer and Catherine J Oppenheimer, and perhaps a couple of other names. The world's 12 wealthiest people got richer by $36 billion in a day - and have now gained $264 billion in net worth this year. To value privately-held businesses, we start with estimates of revenues or profits and apply prevailing price-to-sale or price-to-earnings ratios for similar public companies. He credits advice from his financial planner. Johann Rupert is chairman of Swiss luxury goods firm Compagnie Financiere Richemont. He is a man who made his time. He grew up in tiny Lakefield, Minn., where his father was a livestock broker; a 1949 edition of the Lakefield Standard records Thornburg Sheep Co. purchasing a prize lamb for $1.10 a pound. After many years in development, Dangotes fertilizer plant in Nigeria began operations in mid-2021. Skilled workers had to be lured. Net Worth in 2023. "Maybe it was a disadvantage [for Garrett] to be in a small place like Santa Fe." "I get on my knees and bow to her every other day," Chicaferro, who now "lounges" in Scottsdale, Ariz., says. Aliko Dangote, Africas richest person, founded and chairs Dangote Cement, the continents largest cement producer. J Tylee Wilson Townsend is a former ExxonMobil vice president with a $1.7 million home in Las Campanas; wife Joanna is on the National Council of the Georgia OKeeffe Museum. $ The continents billionaires are collectively 15% richer than a year ago, thanks mostly to soaring stocks. To report this story, SFR scoured Santa Fe County property records, nonprofit tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service, philanthropic donor lists, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, private aircraft registrations with the Federal Aviation Administration, political campaign donors through the Federal Election Commission, court records including divorces and lawsuits, press accounts of luxury homes and art collectors, and straight-up town gossip. The Academy-award nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress (Love Story) has lived in Santa Fe since 1994, and is well-known for her approachability and generosity to numerous Santa Fe causes, including animals and the arts. Through his Media Globe Holdings, Sawiris owns 88% of pan-European pay TV and video news network Euronews. in Psychology and an Born and raised in Havana, Cuba, in 1996 she was accepted into the Cuban National Ballet School, Jocelyn Montoya has broad experience in the performing arts. He was the third generation of his family to run DeBeers, and took the company private in 2001. Even at Santa Fes vaunted living wage, a person would have to save every penny for 125 years to even put the traditional 20 percent down payment on financier Jeffrey Epsteins Santa Fe ranch. "It was made financially plausible by a 40-year tax abatement from the citythe first ever granted to a commercial property," The New York Times reported in 1983. Kelly Famiglietta* That money goes to the state, the city, the county, the public schools and Santa Fe Community College. New Mexico? She has served on many community boards and chaired several of David is an economic development activist & professional photographer currently involved in a variety of projects that focus on community empowerment. Devin Lujan* The word came on April Fools' Day. That was an overstatement, at best. Donate today to Friends of the Reporter. William H Miller III "Garrett always, always, always purchased only the best loans. He expected to becomeand he dida big fish in a small pond. He led Naspers to pay a reported $34 million for a third of Chinese Internet firm Tencent Holdings in 2001 perhaps the greatest venture investment ever. Mohamed Mansour oversees family conglomerate Mansour Group, which was founded by his father Loutfy (D.1976) in 1952 and has 60,000 employees. She started playing classical piano at age six via Sid has been in Albuquerque for over 30 years working as a keyboardist, vocalist, audio engineer, Born into a musical family, Albuquerque native Steve Figueroa began playing the drums at age 9. Connie Cassidy* Christopher Doss Casey "Any way they could find to put a favorable slant on this, they did. The bankruptcy also raises questions. Albert S Waxman Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos refused comment "on someone's impression of a private meeting [the governor] may have had." And that he wanted that buildinghe being the governorto be a monument of the potential of Santa Fe to be a financial center," Collins says. Curious? Anne & John Marion "New Mexico is very perfect for me," Jirby says. Whether on the piano, in the studio, on the stage, or on the dance floor, Michael creates Todd has worked for NDI New Mexico since 1999 and has been the Albuquerque Music Director from Dr. Jessie Wenchieh Lo is a performing artist, recording artist, music educator, and music Matthew is an accomplished musician who has been in the New Mexico music scene for the past 6 Alyx Allie is a graduate of New Mexico State Universitys Dance Program under the direction of Pamela has been a dancer, choreographer, educator, and health care provider for most of her life. Shane, a native New Mexican, has been dancing for 22 years and teaching for 15 years.
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